Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We will have Vista next November

According to Windows for Devices Vista, the XP successor could be released this next November.

"Microsoft Watch editor Mary Jo Foley quoted the blog post Tuesday morning as saying "Yes, Vista will be released in November of this year." By Tuesday afternoon, however, the November date had been replaced by the "second half of this year" language."

Many news media have criticized Microsoft for putting the UMPCs in the market before Vista was released. Many potential buyers of these new devices are asking the same question over and over: will be upgraded with Vista when this one is released late this year this first generation of UMPCs?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Disappointed with UMPC

Disappointed with UMPC

I have been lately following all news about the Origami and I have to confess that after the Intel Presentation I’m a little disappointed. I have the feeling that they have forgotten developers as a potential market for these devices. And I say this because what I have seen seems to me no powerful enough to support Visual Studio.

More about MS Security Implementation

More about MS Security Implementation

I was asked a few weeks ago by one of Microsoft guys how this MS Security Implementation (I’m talking about locking part of the registry and denying applications access to some APIs) could affect developers, users and them too. Well, here and here you can find good examples that help to answer their question. Since the beginning developers have been fixing OEMs and MS mistakes a lot faster than patches that they release to fix this problems/mistakes. If MS/OEM locks devices how the heck we are supposed to do that? Paying the huge amounts of money for those ridiculous certifications? Listen, I have got the best certification than a developer can get: the trust and popularity among users! And for that, believe me, I never needed any MS logo or Signature.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Microsoft's Origami

Microsoft’s Origami

I don’t have any doubt in my mind that the biggest news of this trimester has been the Origami. A new UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) that Microsoft has kept in secret for a whole full year. A picture of this new device has not been posted anywhere yet. An one-year-old movie leaked but MS quickly corrected rumors saying that that was just the concept that they were studying a year ago that the real Origami possible won’t look like the device in the movie.

It’s known or supposedly known that it will run XP, presumably Tablet PC Edition. Nobody knows the processor, memory size, HDD size, video card type or anything else. The only thing that is a fact so far is that Microsoft has created a Web site called

If this device has the site that I have seen in the one year old movie, a processor, memory and HDD capable or running Visual Studio 2005 and a price range between 500 and 800 dollars… you can imagine the rest of what I was about to say, don’t you?