Saturday, February 11, 2012

Only in America - 1

I took few days of vacation this week. The first one in more than 3 years if I don't count the days setting at home viewing movies but pending of my phone or email and fixing things remotely. I drove to Tallahassee to be in the Graduation from the State Trooper Academy of my soon to be son in law. Nice trip! I liked Tallahassee! Hills everywhere. South Florida is too flat.

Do you know that the government supplies every state trooper with a Glock and a shotgun? If they want to carry an AR-15, the trooper has to buy it! The same with the bulletproof vest, if the trooper wants the optional steel plate that offers a better protection, he has to pay for it! Unbelievable! The richest country in the world can not pay for the proper protection of those keeping our highways safe. The bad guys are armed with AK47s and our government can only afford and old and obsolete shotgun. The cheapest ones that you can buy in Walmart. Things you see in America!


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