Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lost City:A little bit lost in history

Lost City is a movie directed by Andy Garcia, a tribute to all Cubans that today live outside of the homeland. I had a very hard time trying to contain my feelings watching the movie, and it's one of those movies that I would recommend to anybody who wants to understand Cubans in "Miami" and what they have suffered.

But... I don't know if Andy did any serious research about what happened on March 13 of 1957. According to Andy's Garcia Movie, Jose Antonio Echeverria head of the Revolutionary Directory killed himself after reading a prepared communique in the CMQ Radio Station (Radio Reloj). Well, Andy Garcia is completely wrong, Echeverria was killed by policemen when he was on his way to Havana University where he was planning to base his headquarter.

The fates decreed worse for Echeverria and the movement he headed. By chance, as he neared the university, his car collided with a patrolling police vehicle. He jumped out, firing his machine gun. The officers returned his fire, killing him almost instantly.
It's very sad to see this kind of mistakes in a movie meant to tell about Cubans and what they have suffered and still suffering. Cubans need our history kept alive but we don't need Hollywood changing our history.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm proud to be an American

Yes, I'm proud to be an American and more in these days when to be one could be even dangerous.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Looking for an air purifier?

I have been looking for an air purifier for my Bed Room. I have to confess that Sharper Image constant advertisement on tv almost convinced me to buy one of those, but being an Internet heavy user like I'm my first step was to look online for more information. And here is what I found:

As you can see from the above chart published in Air Purifiers America the Sharper image Ion Breeze practically does not clean anything and on top of that produce Ozone which is not good for health.

Taking in consideration those results plus the results of the Air Purifier Performance to Price Comparison Chart, the air purifiers made by Alen offer the best results for your money. They have the T300 model and the T100 model for small rooms and offices which is on sale right now for around 150 dollars. I'm buying one of these T100 lit see how of works.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Tweaks2K2 Nominations this year

Smart Phone and Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards in one of the most important events in the World of Mobile devices. Tweaks2K2 for Pocket PC - last year Winner - has been nominated for 5th time - consecutively - for this Award. But that's not all, the Second Member of Tweaks2K2 family, Tweaks2K2 for SmartPhone has been also nominated again this year, its second year as nominee. I feel honored to have these two programs nominated for this Prestigious Awards.

Tweaks2K2 has a 3rd Member in its family: Tweaks2K2 PC Edition. This program was specially designed having in mind the small screens of UMPCs/Origamis devices. And even when it's not that well known like its two "older brothers" for me is one of the most important tool that an IT professional in charge of configuring Pocket PCs can have. In addition to the usual PC Registry hacks, Tweaks2K2 PC Edition is armed with more than 75 registry hacks that allow to take full control and configure any Pocket PC without having to install any software on it. All is done from your PC using this program.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What is Castro's condition?

That's the question that everybody is asking. Usually when somebody goes through that kind of operation the normal thing is to report back as soon as the operation is done how is the patient. But in this case beside the letter that was read yesterday in Cuban Television nothing has been reported about Castro's condition. That seems to me it's a sign that the operation results are not good or current condition of Castro is not clear yet.

The begining of the End

In Cuba old people say, "There is not any illness that last one hundred years". And every time I hear that phrase the first thing that always comes to my mind is Fidel Castro. Because no doubt about it, Fidel is and has been the biggest illness that Cuba has suffered in the last 100 years. The Dictator now is 80 years old and his physical appearance clearly indicates that he will not last 100 years (Thanks God!).

Yesterday the Spanish TV Channel Univision 23 interrupted its normal programming to tell the World that Fidel Castro handed the full power of the country to his youngest brother Raul Castro. After that 1000 of Cubans went to the streets of Miami and Hialeah to celebrate this event that some of them have waited for 47 years.

At this moment it's unclear what is going to happen in the next years to come but one thing is certain, the beginning of the end has began. Fidel is dying and he will take with him 47 years of dictatorship.