Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cuban propaganda and people's humor

There are two things that foreigners find unusual in Cuba, well there are many others that I won't mention in this brief note, one of them is the amount of all cars in the streets of Havana. And when I said old cars I mean cars made before 1959. The second thing is the communist propaganda painted everywhere. They do not have paint for the houses of thousands of havanans but for propaganda they always find a pint of paint and an empty wall. But, sometimes those against revolution use the same propaganda to send messages.

Here is one of these cases.

There is an Uncle Sam in the left trying to scare a Cuban Soldier in the right. The Cuban Soldier is yelling "Misters Imperialists, We are not scare of you!". That was the government message. But, somebody with a little bit of imagination and humor added to the message "We are terrified of the Castros!"

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