Monday, November 03, 2008

We are making a difference

I lived a long time in a country where elections did not mean anything. They were designed to maintain the only one party in power and a dictator for more than 50 years in the presidency. We were obligated to vote in the elections or we would have lost our jobs if we dared to do not vote. And I remember how at the end of the elections the authorities were publishing the rates of participation that were always more than 97% and how they compared always with the same rates in USA % which were always around 50%.


This year I felt proud to be on that line and stand for 4.5 hours to vote, no because I was afraid of losing my job or because I had a police car in the front of my house to obligate me to vote but because I believed that this year we have an election where we have the opportunity to make the difference.

All this probably many Americans do not see it, but the true is that for the first time in the American history the whole world have the eyes opened looking on what is going to happen in this elections. No matter who wins we are going to have the first woman in the Vice presidency or the first African-American as president. And that's something that 4 years ago I could not believe that could happen here in our country.

Many things have changed in the last 8 years and you can see that in this Presidential Elections.

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