Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Castros secure the power for 20 more years

Yes. I'm sure that you will jump to correct me saying that what Raul Castro said in the just closed Communist Congress in Havana was to limit the terms of those in political positions to a maximum of 10 years. Well, let me explain how I got the 20 years.

According to Cuban News Webpages:

he [Raul Castro] suggested limiting the mandates of public office to a maximum of two consecutive five-year terms, a recommendation he considered possible and necessary under the current circumstances.

Here is my understanding of this part. Raul will be next June 3rd 80 years old. If the constitution is changed limiting the terms to two of 5 years each one then legally he can be president for the next 10 years. He will then 90 years old. Will he live that long? Well, this is the tricky and most important part. As long as he is alive during the last 3 years of his last 5 years mandate, he can be playing the same game that Fidel has being playing: a decorative figure. But this role is not less important because it guarantees the transition to the unimaginable.

Raul Castro, called on Saturday for guaranteeing the continuation of the Revolution and the systematic rejuvenation of the leadership of the party and the government...

... Castro stressed the need of having a reserve of well-prepared cadres as replacements to take on major duties.

The transition to what or to who? To the new generation of Castros. That generation that currently is not... "well-prepared" yet. They have been too busy living "la Vida Loca".

If everything goes has planned during the dinners conversations between the two brothers at Point Zero, we will be seeing Cuba under the Castro's Dictatorship for the next 20 years.

A very smart plan, do not you think? It guarantees the continuation in power but at the same time it sales the idea of "changes" in the Cuban political life. Those changes that many investors in Europe and USA want to hear coming from the Caribbean Island.